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Peter Puck, Hockey's #1 Fan Shares the History of the Stanley Cup

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In the 1970s, NBC was looking for a way to introduce new people to ice hockey, especially younger fans. Executive Donald Carswell conceived the idea for an animated puck-shaped character. It would appear during intermissions of NBC’s Hockey Game of the Week and teach new fans things like the rules of the game, the history of hockey, and about the Stanley Cup.


Here are a few more interesting facts about the Stanley Cup you can amaze other hockey fans with:

A baptismal font??

Two babies have been baptized in the Stanley Cup. The first was Sylvain Lefebvre’s daughter, who was baptized after the Colorado Avalanche won in 1996. The second was Tomas Holmström’s niece. The Detroit forward allowed his cousin to baptize his seven-week-old daughter in the bowl when the Red Wings won in 2008.

Three times Stanley Cup was 'lost'

The first time was in 1905, when the Ottawa Silver Seven, in a drunken flash of brilliance, thought it would be an excellent celebratory idea to punt the Cup into the Rideau Canal. Unfortunately, the Cup immediately sank. Not knowing what else to do, they left the cup in the canal. Luckily, the next morning the team returned and fished the silver cup out of the water.

In 1907, the Montreal Wanderers left it at the home of the team photographer after a photo shoot. Not realizing it was a trophy, the photographer's mother decided to use it as a flower pot until the team came to retrieve it.

In 1924, the Montreal Canadiens were en route to a party with the team owner and got a flat tire. While changing the tire, they set the Cup on the sidewalk (why did they take it out of the car??). After changing the flat, they returned to the car and left it behind. Luckily, they noticed that the Cup was missing and hurriedly returned to the scene and found the Cup waiting where they had set it down.

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