One Team The Power of Sports: Cammi Granato

Cammi Granato's ice hockey dreams began at a young age when she would skip figure skating classes and watch the boys play hockey instead. She dreamt of playing in the NHL and soon followed her passion to play at the collegiate level and, against all odds, at the Olympic level.

Granato has smashed every gender barrier that has stood in her way, from leading the first female Team USA to gold in the 1998 Olympics to becoming the NHL's first-ever female scout. Granato hopes that her passion and resilience will inspire generations of female athletes to come. 

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Hosted by Corey Robinson, this series shines a light on people who have used sports to overcome obstacles or to help their community. Viewers will learn the value of acceptance, and how everyone deserves a fair shot in life. No matter the level of competition, "One Team: The Power of Sports" demonstrates the impact sports can have on people, regardless of their gender, background or the color of their skin. 

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