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Hockey Historian Embraces New Technology

Tracy Pogue

Bemidji Youth Hockey webmaster Tracy Pogue was one of the first to use SportsEngine. Let's take a look back and see how he optimized SportsEngine's features to help his organization.


Tracy Pogue


Bemidji Youth Hockey




Tracy Pogue, the webmaster for Bemidji Youth Hockey, has a deep connection to the Bemidji area and a passion for hockey. Originally from Excelsior, Minnesota, he graduated from Minnetonka High School in 1980 before earning a degree in Industrial Technology from Bemidji State University in 1985. Following his graduation, Tracy settled in the Bemidji area, where he is heavily involved in the community. He served as the Director of Business Development at Kraus-Anderson Construction Company and was the president of Bemidji Youth Hockey from 2009-2012. Tracy's dedication to hockey extends to his family, with his son Ryan playing for Bemidji's Bantam AA hockey team. 

Product Usage:

Tracy played a pivotal role in Bemidji Youth Hockey's adoption of the SportsEngine platform. Recognizing the need for an upgraded website and improved online presence, Tracy decided to move the association's site to SportsEngine approximately seven years ago. As the webmaster, he manages and maintains most of the site, ensuring it is up-to-date and engaging. Tracy also takes the lead on social media, actively managing the Bemidji Youth Hockey Twitter account, which boasts an impressive following of over 2,200 users. 


Tracy's commitment to Bemidji Youth Hockey goes beyond website management. During the summer, he dedicates time to updating all the team pages, ensuring they are ready with relevant and accurate information for the upcoming season. Tracy takes pride in introducing new families to the association's mobile app, guiding them through the download process, and teaching them the app's essential functionalities. By making newcomers comfortable with the app, Tracy enables them to engage with the team and stay connected seamlessly. Additionally, he collaborates with local businesses, spreading awareness of the website and mobile app and highlighting the benefits of sponsorship opportunities. 


Tracy's passion for Bemidji's hockey history is evident in his work. He has meticulously compiled coaching information and the overall records of every Bemidji varsity boy's hockey team since the program's inception in 1964. This dedication to preserving and sharing the sport's history in the community demonstrates Tracy's commitment to the rich heritage of Bemidji hockey. 

Tracy Pogue's journey with SportsEngine showcases his dedication to Bemidji Youth Hockey and the sport itself. As the webmaster, Tracy recognized the need for a modern and efficient platform and spearheaded the adoption of SportsEngine. Through his efforts, the association's website and mobile app became valuable tools for team management, communication, and community engagement. Tracy's passion for hockey history and commitment to preserving it further demonstrates his impact on the Bemidji hockey community. His journey exemplifies the empowerment that comes from embracing innovative solutions and utilizing them to enhance the overall experience for players, parents, and the entire hockey community in Bemidji. 

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