Herm Edwards on how important character building is at a young age

Herm Edwards is a former NFL player and head coach, but is currently the Head Coach of the Arizona State Football program. Edwards played in the NFL for ten seasons as a defensive and played most of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles from 1977- 1985. He transitioned into coaching as the defensive backs coach for the San Jose State Football program in 1987. He landed his first NFL head coaching job in 2001 for the New York Jets and then in 2006 he got his second and final NFL coaching opportunity as the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2009, Edwards was hired by ESPN to be an analyst for the network's NFL Live show. He continued his broadcasting career until he eventually was hired to be Head Coach at Arizona State.

Edwards sat down with PCA's Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Moore, as part of the 2021 Character.org National Forum. In this clip, Edwards talks about how important character building is for kids at a young age.

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