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Youth Sports Community Gets Creative As They Incorporate #SportsAtHome

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We are all waiting for sports to come back. Whether it's watching your kids as a parent, playing games as an athlete, or coaching kids as a youth sports coach - people everywhere miss the game. 

As the sports shutdown continues, the youth sports community is finding more crafty and creative ways to bring sports into their home or backyard. While having a hockey net or a basketball hoop is a great advantage for athletes trying to stay game-ready, not everyone has access to sports or practice equipment.

Athletes, coaches, parents, and educators are using objects around the house or backyard to create ways to still practice or play. We have compiled some of our favorites that hopefully inspire you to get active and go play!

This volleyball player needs a patent, ASAP!

This creative volleyball player made a practice tool she could use with no partner, featuring a bucket, bungee cords, pool noodles, and duct tape. Her device has been a hit across social media with many users encouraging her and her family to get a patent!

Did you ever expect to try tennis with a frying pan?

This young athlete challenges you to use a kitchen pan to see how many times you can volley a tennis ball 

Use obstacles around the house to make practice more difficult

It's hard to challenge yourself without a coach and equipment, but use things you can find around the house to add obstacles to your drills

Volleyball hitters find a will and a way

This Northwestern University volleyball player and engineering major made an at-home hitting practice device with the help of her dad. The innovation from these athletes is incredible

Who needs a ping pong table when you can create your own?

@MrHamiltonPE on twitter is a must-follow, he is consistently providing ways for families to use items around the house to create common games. Here, he provides many different items that can help you create your own ping pong table and game!

Make sure your household items are parent-approved

You will get a kick out of this youth softball player using her family cooler to help her practice her hitting accuracy. A great idea until her swing goes a little sideways...

DIY Mini-Golf

We all miss the leisure and fun that comes with golf or mini-golf. If you don't have your own course at home, create one using things like cardboard and laundry baskets 

Turn household chores into practice

This young hockey player decided to give in and make his vacuuming chore into stick-handling practice

Air Hockey at home

Who doesn't love a good game of air hockey? While it's not considered a major sport, its fun to play with family and gets kid away from screens. Create your own hockey 'table' and game at home using things like towels and plates

Trick shots

Everybody loves a good trick shot. This young golfer took one of his old race car tracks to practice some golf shots (thanks, mom, for saving the track!)

Pool noodles + volleyball = success

This is the second video we've seen using pool noodles to help practice hitting for volleyball players and we love it!

No hockey net? No problem

#HockeyAtHome is a trending hashtag for those who play the sport. Many players don't have access to a net or even a stick at home. Check out this simple game of fly swatter hockey that's perfect for the whole family

Do you have an at-home practice device, materials, or sports hack you've found works well at home? We'd love to see it! Post your videos using the hashtag #SportsAtHome and tag us for a chance to be featured! Or email [email protected]