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Dressed to Play: Gymnastics

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While it is nearly impossible to find gymnastics equipment at the local sporting goods store, you can find everything you need in your gym’s pro shop. There are also plenty of online retailers that give you a selection of practice gear needed for your rising star.


Grips are worn on your hands to help with the ‘grip’ of the bar or rings. Made of a leather material, you will see both men and women wearing grips as they advance through the sport.


A tight fitting, one-piece garment made of a stretchy, lycra type of material – both men and women will wear a leotard for competition. Men will have a tank style leotard, while women typically wear a long-sleeve version. In practices, women will wear tank styles, while men tend to practice in athletic shorts and t-shirts.

Warm Up Leo

In some levels, women’s gymnastics will have a short sleeve leotard worn during the competition warm up time. Then, they will change into their long sleeve competitive leotard before the competition begins.

Pants/Shorts (Men Only)

In competition, men will wear pants while competing on Pommel Horse, Rings, P. Bars and High Bar. Then switch to shorts for Floor and Vault.

March In Apparel

Before the competition begins, teams and gymnasts are announced at the start. Sometimes, even walking or ‘marching in’ to the gymnasium. During this time, gymnasts will often wear a warmup. This warmup can be referred to as the march in apparel.


Wristies can refer to either the wrist pads one wears under their grips for padding from the leather and straps of a grip, or a protective brace worn on a gymnast’s wrist to help with protecting their wrist joints.

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