One Team The Power of Sports: Brandel Chamblee

There are very few people in the world who know more about golf leadership than golf analyst and former professional golfer Brandel Chamblee. In this edition of One Team, join Brandel as he discusses the impacts of the pandemic and overall health of the sport for youth athletes. 

"2020 had an increase over the previous year that was unforseen, and unbelievable," says Chamblee. 

Chamblee states that Golf can teach hard work, the value of delayed gratification, and the constant hope that tomorrow is going to be better. But, it's not until we apply those concepts to our every day that we then finally see the parallels between life and sport.

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Hosted by Corey Robinson, this series shines a light on people who have used sports to overcome obstacles or to help their community. Viewers will learn the value of acceptance, and how everyone deserves a fair shot in life. No matter the level of competition, "One Team: The Power of Sports" demonstrates the impact sports can have on people, regardless of their gender, background or the color of their skin. 

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