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Golf Beginner Guide Cropped

New to Golf: Putter Icon

A Putter

This is the “flatstick” club that you use on and around the putting green. They come in a variety of different styles from mallets to weighted to blades. The most important thing is finding one with the proper length that lets you naturally hang your arms for a smooth stroke. 

New to Golf: Driver Icon

A Driver

The club designed to be hit off a tee and go the farthest. While an adult-sized driver might have 8-11 degrees of loft, beginners with slower swing speeds traditionally perform better with higher degrees of loft. 

New to Golf: Fairway Wood Icon

A Fairway Wood 

Sometimes called a fairway metal, hybrid, or rescue club, this helps you hit the ball far off the fairway. It has a higher loft than a driver and is designed to hit the ball off the ground. 

New to Golf: Irons Icon


A club with a flat-faced, solid metal head. A full iron set is typically a 4-PW (8 clubs). Golfers can customize how many irons vs. fairway metals they would like to keep in their bag. 

New to Golf: Pitching Wedge Icon

A Pitching Wedge (PW)

This is a great utility club to have for pitching and chip shots around the green. 

New to Golf: Wedge Icon


As you master the pitching wedge you will want to get a Sand Wedge, which has more bounce and provides more loft. Then once you master that, consider an even loftier Lob Wedge (60 degrees). 

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