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Dressed to Play: Golf

Golf Beginner Guide Cropped

You don’t have to be dressed head to toe in the latest golf-specific clothing and shoes to play the game. At minimum, all you need are athletic shoes, comfortable shorts, pants, or a skirt and a shirt (some clubs may require a collared shirt and sleeves for men). As you begin to play more and improve, you will likely want to build up your golf-specific clothing. Here is how to start. 

New to Golf: Shirt Icon

Golf Shirt

Boys should wear a collared polo while girls have more style options in regards to tops, including sleeveless options. 

New to Golf: Pants Icon

Golf Pants, Shorts or Skirts 

Comfortable slacks or pants or golf skirts over jeans are preferred. 

New to Golf: Shoes Icon

Golf Shoes 

At first, athletic sneakers may be okay, but as you progress, golf shoes with soft spikes provide more performance. 

New to Golf: Socks Icon


Athletic socks with cushion for walking. 

New to Golf: Glove Icon

Golf Glove 

A glove provides a tackier grip on the club and can also protect your hand from blisters. 

New to Golf: Hat Icon

Golf Hat 

It’s usually sunny when you play golf. A hat can protect your face from the sun and also keep sweat off your eyes. 

New to Golf: Bag Icon

Golf Bag 

A bag that accommodates your clubs, balls, tee, and any other accessories. They usually have two shoulder straps for comfortable walking. 

New to Golf: Water Bottle Icon

Water Bottle 

Bring enough hydration on the course with you to last your whole round, or confirm water is available on the course. 

New to Golf: Push Cart Icon

Golf Push Cart 

Junior golfers may carry their bag or use a push cart, which has three wheels and keeps the weight of equipment off a player’s back. Most golf courses have push carts for rent or bring your own. 

New to Golf: Distance Measuring Device Icon

Distance Measuring Device 

Once your golf game improves to the point where you have consistency in how far you hit your respective clubs, a distance measuring device will come in handy to tell you how far away you are. Many courses also mark sprinkler heads on the course with yardage to the center of the green or install 100, 150 and 200-yard plates in the fairway. Smartphone golf apps also offer GPS capability.

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