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Athlete Spotlight: Tiger & Charlie Woods

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer ranked as one of the most successful golfers in the world. This legendary golfer played for Stanford University in collegiate play and turned pro in 1996. His 1997 Masters win was his first major victory. Woods has won over 82 PGA Tour events, including nine majors, making him one of golf's greatest players who is passing his skills on to the next generation. 

The son of the legendary professional golfer Tiger Woods, Charlie, looks forward to a bright future and is passionate about making his mark on the golf world. Fans can't help but notice how much Charlie Woods is turning into his dad. Charlie hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and seems like a natural golfer, just like Tiger. Here are some key highlights you may not know about this dynamic father-son duo. 

1. Charlie Woods' namesake is another golf legend, Charlie Sifford.

Charlie Sifford was the first African American golfer to compete in the PGA tour. He won the PGA tour two times and was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Tiger idolized Sifford and credits him as the person who motivated him to golf professionally. The bond between Tiger and Sifford grew tight. Tiger considered Sifford family and even referred to him as a 'grandfather figure.'


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2. Charlie has an impressive drive.

Tiger Woods is known for many things, and an incredible drive is one thing near the top of that list. His average drive is typically more than 300 yards, and he is on record with one of the longest drives (a shocking 498 yards!). Tiger has yet to lose a game of golf to his son Charlie, but in 2022 Charlie officially outdrove his father for the first time by one yard.


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3. From the green to the court, legends think alike.

Charlie and Tiger Woods are both tennis fans. They attended the U.S. Open together in 2019. Did you know Tiger’s connection with the sport of Tennis goes beyond the stands? In 2022 Serena Williams was feeling out of touch with her game. She chatted with Tiger, who shared some wisdom with her. She credits this conversation with helping her get her head back in the game to compete. Charlie is one lucky kid to grow up with such an insightful father by his side.


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4. Your thoughts can become your reality.

Generations of mind games have kept the Woods family mentally strong on the course. Tiger does what he can to get into Charlie’s head to help keep him mentally tough. These mental head games aim to ensure that nobody can manipulate Charlie’s thoughts during competition when it matters most. Tiger’s dad did the same thing to him growing up, so his mentor Charlie did it with the same tactics.


5. Like father like son.

Charlie has expressed that he could see himself golfing professionally one day, just like his dad. See for yourself the similarities between Charlie and Tigers games. Charlie will be a star on the professional circuit in years to come!


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