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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your SportsEngine Gear Store

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So you’ve set up your team store. Your teams look fresh and fans are rocking the latest gear. You’ve even raised some extra funds you can reinvest in your program. Now it’s time to keep the momentum going.

Give these three tips a try and make your store a go-to (virtual) destination now and going forward.

Spread the word

You probably made a big announcement when your store opened, right? Now the key is persistence. This definitely isn’t a one-and-done situation.

Make sure you continue to promote your store in your monthly newsletter and email club updates. And don’t forget to send promotional messages around big events like tournaments and gift-giving holidays. That keeps your store top of mind for your team, which keeps your gear flying off the (virtual) shelves.

Pro-Tip: Set up a sale or special offer and promote it to your audience. After all, the only thing better than new gear is a hot deal on new gear.

Time to get social

Your program’s social channels give you an amazing chance to not only promote your organization, teams, and athletes but promote your gear, as well. Facebook has powerful tracking and promoting tools that track the number of views and clicks, and the visual nature of Instagram and Pinterest seem tailor-made to show off your latest looks.

Pro-tip: Level-up your social game by creating a branded hashtag and encouraging your biggest fans to show their pride by using it. It drives engagement and gets your teams in front of new audiences.

Better by design

People love the latest and greatest. So give them what they want! It’s important to update your designs throughout the year. The only creative limits are your own. Always dropping fresh designs gives your fans a reason to come back, see what’s new, and grab the latest gear.

But what should you offer? That’s where SportsEngine Gear powered by Squadlocker comes in. We have a team of experts who are up-to-date on the hottest names and brands and professional designers who will work with you to deliver one-of-a-kind designs that are unique just to you. Just let us know and we’ll make sure you have a look that is on-trend and authentic to you.

Pro-tip: Once you get those new threads, use our customizable flyers and social graphics in the SportsEngine HQ Design Center to let everyone know what dropped. They’re free, easy, to use, and, best of all, will make sure your promos look as good as your gear.

We hope you can put these tips to work to help power your team store well into the future.

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