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FTLOS Episode 07 | Improve Your Tryouts and Player Evaluations For Next Season

Andie Ostrowski, Team Genius

In the latest episode of For the Love of Sport, Andie Ostrowski, Director of Marketing at TeamGenius, discusses the importance of setting up and running successful tryouts and player evaluations at your organization. 

1. Set proper expectations with players, parents, and coaches

Tryouts and player evaluations can be stressful for athletes. Parents want to know how their child is doing and what team their child will be on, while coaches are often time evaluators who juggle parent concerns and provide support to athletes. Listen for some best practices to make this process the best it can be. 

2. Create a transparent process

Important decisions go into tryouts, but it's more than just the day of the tryouts that matter. By running player evaluations throughout the year, providing that information to parents regularly, and ensuring they are along for the ride will make your team creation process and decision-making easier. 

3. Keep in mind who this will impact

Tryouts aren't just to identify who should be on what team. Player evaluations aren't just to determine who is good at what skill. This is an opportunity to address parent concerns, player development, and team growth.


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