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The Premier League's Director of Football, Neil Saunders

Neil Saunders

Coming at you live, well, a recording of a live interview with Neil Saunders, the Director of Football at the Premier League. We were honored to sit down with Neil at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philly this past week. He shared some insights with us about player development and what it means to provide life-changing experiences for kids through sports. We even chat about how to set expectations to create the best environment for your athletes.

Neil directly oversees the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) and gets the chance to work with over 4,000 staff members across all teams in the Premier League to help produce more and better homegrown English players for their National Team.

Whether you love soccer or find your passion in another sport, this episode touches on the topics that connect us all in youth sports. Don't wait any longer, hit the play button - your ears will thank you later.

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