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FTLOS Episode 17 | Three Key Takeaways from Chad Greenway

Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings

Welcome back, dear listener! Our very special guest is none other than former NFL player and Minnesota sports legend, the Versatile Viking: Chad Greenway. Chad shares his journey from youth sports to professional sports and back to youth sports again dropping dimes of wisdom along the way. Check out three key takeaways from our conversation below.   


1. Young athletes can benefit from trying multiple sports.

The youth sports landscape has changed drastically, and many sports now demand intense year-round participation. Chad emphasizes the importance of coaches allowing players to experience different sports in their youth sports journeys and urges coaches to be flexible and forgiving of players who lead busy multi-sport lives. 

2. Every athlete is in a different place.

Parents always want what’s best for their kids, but sometimes it can be hard to look at certain situations with an objective lens. Chad talks to Simon and Marie about how coaches and parents can work together to ensure every athlete is met at the level they are currently at and placed on teams that benefit them best for future success.   

3. Playing individual sports have immeasurable benefits.

Chad reflects on his experience running track as well as his daughters, and emphasizes the benefits and lessons learned from competing in an individual sport versus a team sport. Learning to push yourself and depend solely on yourself, can greatly impact your athletic and personal endeavors.  

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