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FTLOS Episode 16 | Three Key Takeaways from Jenn Ireland

Jenn Ireland, Expand Your Game

Simon and Marie are live from the USC Conference with another bonus episode! The Maven of Mentality, Jenn Ireland, sat down with Simon and Marie to talk about her role as a youth soccer coach, and her organization Expand Your Game where she works with female soccer players to build mental skills that help players on and off the field. Jenn is a fountain of knowledge and shares a plethora of tips and advice for coaches, parents, and players. Check out the three takeaways from the episode below. 


1. Be your own motivator

Jenn works to build confidence in athletes that aids players across all levels of their youth sports journey. The dependence or constant receival of external validation negatively affects confidence and self-awareness. Jenn talks about the benefits of instilling confidence and having open dialogues with young athletes and what that can do for them as they mature in their sport.

2. Every athlete makes mistakes, but the best athletes learn from theirs.

Nobody is perfect. Jenn coaches her athletes to look at mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. She tells Simon and Marie that parents can help push their athletes to be uncomfortable and put them in environments where they can make mistakes that drives them closer to mastery.  

3. An athlete is defined by more than their sports experiences.

Jenn works one-on-one with female athletes to build mental skills that affect their game. She talks to Simon and Marie about the impact of self-discovery and how she helps athletes realize they are not defined by their sports journey or the mistakes they might make along the way.  

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