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FTLOS Episode 15 | Three Key Takeaways from Alex Wulbecker-Smith

Alex Wulbecker-Smith, Premier Sports Psychology

Welcome back dear listener! This week’s fantastic guest Alex Wulbecker-Smith talks to Simon and Marie about mastering your mindset. Alex is a licensed mental health provider who specializes in sport and health psychology at Premiere Sports Psychology. She joins the pod to share her thoughts and experience working with youth athletes and performers to build mental toughness and resilience. Check out below for three key takeaways.


1. Work to build a growth mindset and resilience.

Failure in sports is natural. Alex walks Simon and Marie through her focus on building resilience and growth mindsets in youth athletes and building skills that show up later in life.  

2. Not every problem has a solution.

When stress affects an athlete’s performance it can be incredibly frustrating. Alex says that sometimes there is no clear-cut solution to the problem, but athletes can help themselves by trying to better understand all the contributing factors.  

3. Coaches can support their athlete's mental well-being.

Alex talks about the work she is involved with, providing coaches and athletic directors with proper training to support their athlete’s mental well-being. Coaches have tremendous influence over their teams and can play a huge role in developing and protecting a player’s mental well-being. Alex works to train coaches to have open dialogues and to provide players with relief and breaks, so they don’t get burnt out.  

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