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FTLOS Episode 13 | Three Key Takeaways from Joe Cummings

Joe Cummings

You’re in luck, dear listener! Simon and Marie are back with another bonus episode from the United Soccer Coaches Convention. They are joined by Joe Cummings, the former president of United Soccer Coaches. Joe shares his wisdom on coaching and managing relationships. Joe has a brilliant mind for soccer and has no shortage of experience on the pitch. Here are three key takeaways below. 

1. Successful coaches work to build trust with their players.

Trust is paramount in the relationship between players and coaches. Joe talks about how he builds that trust by instilling confidence in his players. He discusses the difference between telling a player how to do something and encouraging them to think about how they can do that thing and what that impact means.  

2. Coaches and parents need to work together to support their players.

Parents and coaches don’t always see eye-to-eye. Joe discusses how he sets expectations and manages relationships between parents, coaches, and players and how they all work together to provide the best experience for players who are at the heart of the sport.  

3. Coaches and teachers have more similarities than differences.

Joe urges parents to treat coaches like teachers and to work with them instead of against them. Asking questions and thinking earnestly about how to approach conversations or disagreements with coaches is the best method to ensure a player gets the attention and resources they need. At the end of the day parents and coaches are on the same team. 

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