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FTLOS Episode 11 | Three Key Takeaways from Liam O'Connell

Liam O'Connell, The Technical Director of United Soccer League

Tune in for another spectacular episode of the For the Love of Sport podcast with Simon and Marie. Liam O’Connell, the Technical Director of the United Soccer League, joins the pod and talks about youth soccer. Liam discusses his ambitions and his efforts to make the United States an international soccer powerhouse through the power of player development. Check out some of the key takeaways from the episode below. 

1. Soccer in the US is at a tipping point

United Soccer League (USL) is evolving, and player development is at the heart of the movement. Liam talks about how important developing young players is as a driving force for continuous growth in US soccer on a global stage and how it compares to the experiences of soccer players around the globe.  


2. Go where you can be developed, not where the spotlight shines brightest.  

Liam talks to parents and offers sage advice: prioritize the situation that is best for your players' development over the level of competition at a particular club. Increased interest and involvement from MLS teams have made Liam more optimistic about growth in opportunities for player development of youth soccer on a national level. 


3. What do elite players look for in their development experience? 

Liam explains what players should seek out to ensure they are being developed to their maximum potential. He emphasizes the importance of receiving individual attention as a player and taking ownership of your own development.  


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