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FTLOS Episode 08 | Cultivating a Coaching Culture

For the Love of Sport Episode 8 featuring Tyler Quinn Article Header

In the latest episode of the For The Love of Sport Podcast, Tyler Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of Alchemy 365, speaks to the value of a great coaching culture, and his experience in creating an amazing experience for your members

1. Simplify the complex for your members

Where do you start when trying to simplify a complex concept for a member? When working with an athlete try to focus your intention towards gaining progress in one of three areas - efficacy, efficiency, and safety. Listen to the breakdown of this triple venn diagram of coaching below. 

2. Establish trust and build rapport 

A coach can have all the experience in the world, but it won't translate if there isn't trust. Building rapport with members is foundational to any coaching successes. 

3. Encourage authenticity and fun

In order to have a successful program you need members to participate. Injecting enjoyability or maybe a little bit of "cheese" in the structure goes a long way.


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