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FTLOS Episode 06 | Three Mental Health Takeaways for Student-Athletes

FTLOS Episode 7: Athlete Mental Health

In part two of our podcast with the 'TrueSport Trio,' hosts Simon and Marie tackle tough topics around the journey to success in sport. Olympic athletes Chris Mazdzer and Kara Winger join back in the conversation with Dr. Amanda Stanec about what can affect an athlete's mental health. Here are the four takeaways from this episode.

1. Know when to limit your time on social media

"I view it as one of those necessary evils," states Chris Mazdzer. You must balance when social affects your journey and when it can damage it. In this clip, Chris further defines the balance on social.

2. Results don't define you

Reflecting on his 2018 competition, Chris talks about his challenges in what felt like a farewell tour. He talks about how he became obsessed with results when he was down on his luck and money. When a friend from the Russian team offered his sled to Chris, he was forced to take a deeper look at himself and be ok no matter where or how he placed. Once he let go and enjoyed the journey, he could feel great and achieve true greatness.

3. True connections are what carry you across the finish line

As Kara and Chris reflect on their most significant moments, neither one talks about winning but rather their journey to the finish. How their teammates and coaches connected with them through the process of competition is what mattered most. Both talk about how social media reflects a different version of the story and it's important to focus on true human connection.


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