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For the Love of Sport Episode 01 | Three Key Takeaways

soccer team huddle

We recap the first episode of  For the Love of Sport by providing you with three key takeaways to bring back to your organization:

1. Base everything you do on your mission and values.

In this clip, Adam answers the question, "What is one piece of advice you would give to volunteers and admins that are new to their organization or starting a brand new organization?"


2. Be authentic.

Simple yet so hard to achieve, in coaching and in life, being authentic is always the way to go. Lessons learned from Ted Lasso stretch beyond the soccer field.


3. Always put your players first, outside of their performance in a game or practice.

Listen as we discuss why it is so important to always think of your players as people first. They are more than their achievements, and so are you.



Listen to the first episode

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