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For the Love of Sport Episode 04 | How to Keep Your Organization Focused on Athlete Safety

Girls Lacrosse Players

Join us as we recap part two of our conversation with Wayne Moss, Executive Director of the National Council of Youth Sports and the Wizard of Wisdom, by providing you with five key takeaways to bring back to your organization.

1. Join the National Council of Youth Sports

Wayne talks through the pillars of NCYS and the benefits of joining their organization as a youth sports organization. 

2. Celebrate National Youth Sports Week

Hear a sneak peek at what Simon plans on wearing for Spirit day during National Youth Sports Week. Celebrate this year by checking out each day's theme!

3. Be well organized not only on the field but off the field as well

Keep your financials, members, and data organized with a software provider like SportsEngine HQ and GoMotion so you can focus on working with your athletes.

4. Make sure you are youth-centered

Keeping athletes at the core of your organization leads to Youth Choice. Give your athletes the opportunity to have a say in the program they are a part of.

5. Reflect on your current safety program

We talked at length with Wayne about safety and in this clip we talk about safety being a requirement, not a choice for organizations.

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