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For the Love of Sport Episode 02 | Five Fundraising Takeaways for Your Organization

Softball team

We recap the second episode of  For the Love of Sport by providing you with five key takeaways to bring back to your organization:

1. Provide options for attendees at your fundraising event.

In this clip, we learn the various different activities and options that Alex and her organization provided to her community to ensure there was something for everyone to get involved in. 

2. Get your athletes involved.

Creating opportunities for your athletes to get involved with fundraising events, makes it easier for parents to be available to help and it makes the entire event more enjoyable.

3. Don't let the fear of doing everything keep you from doing something.

Start small and see how it goes. You can always adjust and grow from there.

4. Golf is growing, lean into it.

We discuss several different ideas for your next golf fundraiser to get folks (and their wallets) involved.

5. Provide incentives.

Alex talks us through a few different examples of how she's used incentives to gain more momentum and volunteers for her own fundraising events.

Listen to the second episode

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