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What am I pressing play on?

For the Love of Sport is the premier podcast covering the world of youth sports. For the Love of Sport dives into the people and processes that make it possible for kids to learn and grow through sports and athletics, and celebrates the admins, coaches, parents, volunteers, leagues, supporters, and youth athletes who put their hearts into making it happen each week.

Meet the hosts



Marie with dog
Marie Fitzgerald

Marie Fitzgerald grew up in an environment where no sport was off limits, and she tried virtually every activity that involved running, kicking, throwing, and being in a team environment. She developed a love for soccer and basketball (and yes, she did kick for her high school football team, a topic for another day), eventually playing both during college. Her passion for sport led her to coaching, and she spent over 7 years as a coach for Minnesota’s biggest youth club, Fusion Soccer Club. Hosting For the Love of Sport was the perfect way for her to continue connecting, sharing, and learning from the youth sports community.

Simon and dog
Simon Mackenzie

Simon MacKenzie has been involved in sports ever since his earliest days, and in almost every way possible. A lifelong athlete in a myriad of different sports (from swimming, golf, and basketball to collegiate soccer, tennis, and lacrosse), Simon combines a love of sports as a player and coach with his insights on the youth sports space. For the Love of Sport offered Simon a chance to highlight the impact that youth sports can have on athletes, families, leagues, and communities, while also celebrating the amazing stories of the people who make it all possible!