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Words of Advice from Football Parents

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Let them play

Remember it’s a game before it’s a sport. That means it’s supposed to be fun! Kids enjoy running around, making friends, playing and learning new skills. Parents should be excited for the same reasons!

Every position is different

In other sports the responsibilities and skills needed on the field of play might be pretty similar. That’s not the case in football! Quarterbacks, linemen, defensive backs all have important jobs and they’re all very different from each other.

Youth football is not the same as the NCAA or NFL

It looks a lot different, don’t come out to the youth field expecting to see what you see on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy the experience!

It's all football

Recently, more game types have been created to meet athletes where they are on their developmental journeys. Whether your child is playing non-contact, limited contact or contact - it’s all football. The skills, techniques and lessons they’ll learn in any game type translate to all forms of football.

Ask your coach questions

Football drills can look a little funny at times. With such different positions (see above) drills can vary from group to group. If you don’t get why your child is doing something or what the point of a drill is, just ask your coach! They’ll be happy to answer you.

Focus on the fundamentals

Prioritizing winning too early can turn kids off from the game. Instead, celebrate small victories like being in the right position, making the right decisions or improving throughout the season.

Make friends with a seasoned parent

All football parents started as new football parents. Many with the same questions as you! Find a parent or two that’s been around for a couple seasons. They can help teach you the game and how to be the best football mom or dad you can be.

Play at home

Throw the ball around, work on some skills in the backyard. Ask your coach what activities you can do at home in between games or practice. Playing with your kid is a great bonding experience and can help you learn the game more.

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