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What is the history of American football?

The first official game occurred on November 6, 1869, in New Brunswick. Players from Rutgers and Princeton hit the field to compete in a game that combined soccer with the rules of the London Football Association and became popular in colleges across New England.

One of the most important figures in the creation of American football was Walter Camp. He played for Yale, and also coached them to an impressive 67-2 record after graduation. He was instrumental in drafting common rules still in use today, including the 11-man roster, quarterbacks, and the line of scrimmage.

Football at the Olympic Games

American football has appeared in the Olympics twice; however, the first time was merely an extension of the college football season in 1904. Another official demonstration game took place at the 1932 games, but afterward, the International Olympic Committee decided that football wasn’t popular enough in the rest of the world for it to continue. However, this game was seen by 60,000 people and helped increase interest in the United States.

What are the current Olympic American football events?

American football is still not accepted as an Olympic sport. The International Federation of American Football was formed in 1998 and oversees a world championship that takes place every four years, with over one hundred countries represented.

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