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Dressed to Play: Football

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The game of football usually requires a lot of equipment meant to help keep the players safe. Though, there are some leagues, such as flag football, where the equipment is very limited due to the lack of contact.

New to Football: Helmet Icon


Made up of a face mask, hard outer shell, and foam pads lined throughout the inside. It’s meat to absorb shock and reduce the force of impacts to the head.

New to Football: Helmet Icon


A guard formed to the wearer’s mouth that helps limit injuries.

New to Football: Shoulder Pads Icon

Shoulder Pads

A key piece of equipment made with a hard outer plastic shell and shock absorbing foam insides.

New to Football: Pants Icon

Football Pants

Specialized pants that usually go down to a player’s shins. It has buttons and pockets located throughout them to help store other pads.

New to Football: Hip and Tailbone Icon

Hip & Tailbone Pads

Attached to the pants and made to help protect the player’s hips and tailbone.

New to Football: Knee Pads Icon

Thigh & Knee Pads

Pads that are made of plastic and foam which are slid into pockets inside the football pants.

New to Football: Cleats Icon


Shoes with specialized non-metal spikes that help players get grip on grass fields. These are worn by most players, regardless of the type of football they are playing.

New to Football: Glove Icon


Hand gloves are not mandatory, but a lot of players wear them as a way to help grip the ball. These are worn by most players, regardless of the type of football they are playing.

New to Football: Flag Icon


These are specialized to flag football. Players wear flags around their waist and if one gets pulled off the player is marked down.

New to Football: TackleBar Icon

TackleBar Harness

These are specialized to TackleBar football. It’s a harness that straps around a player’s waist which has two bars on the back. Players must wrap up their opponent to remove their bars, which will mark the player down.

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