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Discussion Guide: Rudy


Movie Synopsis

Rock-solid, immensely entertaining, based-on-fact account of Rudy Ruettiger (Sean Astin), a working-class boy intent on realizing his dreams of playing football at Notre Dame.

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Discussion Questions

  1. In the opening scene, what do you think Rudy's father is saying to Rudy with his body language when Rudy tells him he is going to play football for Notre Dame after high school?
  2. Rudy faces many obstacles in pursuit of his dream to play for Notre Dame. What are 3 of these challenges and how does he overcome them?
  3. Why are Rudy's teammates mad at him for working so hard on the field, how does it make them feel?
  4. Name 2 examples of Rudy exemplifying a Triple-Impact Competitor®?
  5. Why did the coach not want Rudy on the game line up even though Rudy worked so hard in practice? Do you agree with the coach's decision?
  6. Why did all the football team give up their jerseys to the coach? What was important to the players that made them give up their jerseys?

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that Rudy is a moving sports drama based on the true story of Daniel "RUDY" Ruettiger who overcame various obstacles -- dyslexia, lack of money -- to play football for Notre Dame. The movie includes some scenes of bitter disappointment and brutality on the football field (including bloody wounds and bruises) that might be inappropriate for younger or more sensitive kids. Expect some rough language ("s--t" and "ass" mostly), plus some drinking -- Rudy (Sean Astin) gets drunk enough to reveal information that gets him kicked off the booster squad. A fiery plant explosion kills Rudy's best friend. The movie extols the virtues of perseverance and hard work; Rudy overcomes seemingly impossible odds to achieve his goal.

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