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Discussion Guide: Friday Night Lights


Movie Synopsis

Billy Bob Thornton stars in this stand-up-and-cheer true American story of how one legendary Texas town made hope come alive under the exhilarating glare of Friday Night Lights.

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Discussion Questions

  1. What does Friday Night Lights say about the pressure that parents put on their kids? How does this pressure affect Don Billingsley?

  2. How does the presence of Boobie Miles affect his teammates?

  3. How does Coach Gaines inspire his players? Do you agree with his methods?

  4. What does Friday Night Lights say about the importance of winning?

  5. What is important about Coach Gaines’ definition of “being perfect”?

  6. The Permian Panthers have won the state championship many times before. Why do you think they decided to depict this particular season?

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that Friday Night Lights has some tense family scenes with an abusive father. Underage characters drink, and an adult character abuses alcohol. There are sexual references/situations (including passionate making out and some quick glimpses of bare breast) and use of the phrase "getting laid." The football scenes are powerfully staged and very intense; some skirmishes result in bloody injuries, and viewers may almost feel that they're the ones getting tackled. The movie is frank in its treatment of race and class. Expect some strong language ("s--t" and more).

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