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The All-American Bowl Then and Now

Over the past 20 years, families have gathered to watch the East versus the West as the top 100 senior football players in the nation compete in the All-American Bowl. The 2023 All-American Bowl will kickoff at 12:00 pm CT on Saturday, January 7th, at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. If you can’t attend the game at the dome, grab the kids and some couch and tune in to watch the live broadcast on NBC.

Most of the athletes competing in the All-American Bowl are achieving a lifelong goal they have been relentlessly working towards from a young age. Getting selected to compete in the All-American Bowl is an incredible achievement and honor for the athletes chosen to participate.

This game has some legendary history and has rostered players who went on to join the NFL after graduation.

Get psyched for the game! Study up on the key players to watch during the 2023 All-American Bowl. Learn more about the game’s incredible history, and review some notable NFL players that competed in All-American Bowl games.

Star players competing in the 2023 All-American Bowl

Dante Moore

Caleb Downs

Samson Okunlola

  • All-American Bowl team: East
  • Position: Offensive Lineman
  • High school: Thayer Academy
  • Hometown: Braintree, MA
  • Committed college: Miami

Rueben Owens II

Anthony Hill Jr.

  • All-American Bowl team: West
  • Position: Linebacker
  • High school: Ryan High School
  • Hometown: Denton, TX
  • Committed college: Texas

The All-American Bowl has rostered players who made incredible achievements in their football careers. At a glance, these achievements include

  • Heisman Trophy winners (Tim Tebow, Derrick Henry, DeVonta Smith, Bryce Young, Caleb Williams)
  • 533 NFL Draft Picks
  • 118 First-Round Picks
  • 193 Pro Bowl Selections
  • 86 Super Bowl Champions

Current NFL players that competed in the All-American Bowl

Derrick Henry

Trevor Lawrence

Micah Parsons

Tua Tagovailoa

Stefon Diggs

Notable retired NFL players that competed in the All-American Bowl

Joe Thomas

Greg Olsen

Adrian Peterson

Reggie Bush

Andrew Whitworth

Tim Tebow

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