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Youth Athletes Get Creative As They Incorporate Sports at Home


The Coronavirus pandemic is still taking a toll on sport with a number of youth sports events and seasons continuing to be suspended or canceled. This means athletes, parents, and coaches need to get creative with ways to brings sports and activities to their house, driveway, or backyard.

Here's our pick of the best and most creative home workout and sports practice videos that athletes have been doing to help stay prepared for the time when practice and competitions resume.

Trick shots for days

Just when you think the trick shots can't get crazier.. they do! 

Utilize nature!

We love this youth lacrosse player's creative thinking with using the resources he has to help him practice by himself 

Hockey at home

Parents: either buy or build a makeshift hockey net for your garage or backyard to keep your young hockey player occupied and motivated to get better


Try it all!

Take the extra time at home to encourage your kids to try new sports and new activities to get better and keep you game-ready


Start em' young!

This is a great time to teach your kids sports and activities at a young age. Check out this 1-year old already getting shots up! 


Don't let limited space limit you

Do your best with what you have! Not everyone has ample space for sports and activities, but you can make the most of what you have and get creative with different drills.


Parents, practice with your kids

Okay, so maybe this dad and his daughter are extra impressive, but that doesn't mean you can't help your kid practice or even play "games" against them.


When the gym is closed, do gymnastics at home

This young gymnast isn't letting the gym closures stop her practicing! 

Create your own equipment

Not everyone has access to sports equipment. Try to create some at home using household or outdoor items to create obstacles and extra challenges.


Find public parks to practice

You usually wouldn't expect to see hockey trick shots at the local park, but finding different areas to challenge yourself as an athlete can really pay off! 


Utilize holidays

Make holidays even more fun by incorporating sports or games into trick shots - as Deccan did here with the pumpkin! 

Play anytime, anywhere

This time away from team sports has shown how much we just love the game at it's core, instead of the wins and the losses. Have fun with being active and keep sports alive at home, no matter how!

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