So You Want to Try Figure Skating?

Figure Skaters make performing their routines look effortless. But the skill and athleticism that Olympic figure skater Nathan Chen displays on the ice are a result of his dedication to physical and mental training. Each stride, jump, and spin requires a perfect combination of power, agility, and technique.

So You Want to Figure Skate?

There are two sides to every figure skating performance. The side the crowd sees, and the one they don't. They watch in wonder as you weave one beautiful movement into the next, like an artist combining individual brushstrokes into a seamless masterpiece. But they don't see the power pushing through every crossover, the skill wrapped around every spin, or the athleticism beneath every triple. They don't see the canvas, the brush, or the paint. They only see the masterpiece you've created.

Your Frozen Canvas is Waiting!

Most ice arenas offer classes for everyone from first-timers to seasoned competitors. So whether you’re looking for paint-by-numbers or something more abstract, you can find the right program in your area today.

Visit US Figure Skating to find a skating club near you

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