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Dressed to Dive

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You won’t find many mandatory articles of clothing for diving. Most of the things your child will use are to assist them in training.

New to Water Polo - Swimsuit

Swimming Suit

Competitive swimmers wear special, form-fitting suits designed to help keep them aerodynamic as they spin through the air and enter the water while allowing more flexibility. Men typically wear suits called “Jammers” or “Briefs,” and women typically wear a one-piece swimsuit.

New to diving bag icon 


It’s nice to have a bag to keep your stuff together. Any gym bag should work fine, but there are also bags specific to aquatic sports available.

New to Diving: Stretching Mat Icon

Stretching Mat

Stretching mats can be great for divers—not only do they provide a padded surface to work on flexibility, but they can also be a place to practice routines on dry land.

New to Water Polo - Towel

Aqua Towel or Shammy

Being able to dry off once the diver leaves the pool is always important. While towels work well, many divers choose to use a shammy, which is a small and highly-absorbent cloth.

New to Diving: Wrist Guard Icon

Wrist Guards

Offers more support to a diver’s wrist when they hit the water with their palms.


New to Diving: Trampoline Icon


While they’re not mandatory, trampolines can get athletes comfortable twisting in the air without jumping off a board into the water.

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