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What is the history of dance?

Humans have danced since the beginning of time. In many ancient cultures, dance served as a ritualistic event. At births and weddings, people danced and rejoiced. Dance also acted as a tool of connection and communication, allowing individuals of all cultures to interact and share stories. Dance has even been used as a method of healing. In medieval Europe, people participated in dancing rituals to protect them from diseases.

Dance continues to serve all of these purposes: connection, healing, celebration, and connection. Dance has even evolved into a competitive sport, where dancers can compete and perform in recitals. As the popularity of dance grows and cultures become connected through the sport, new forms of dance are spread around the world. Common dances include partnered dances, hip hop, modern, tap, and even breakdancing.

Dance at the Olympic Games

Dance is not currently an Olympic event but it is on the roster for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Initially, dance was considered for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics but it didn’t survive the first round of cuts. Shortly after it’s dismissal, breakdancing was petitioned for the 2024 Olympics and is one of the four new sports that has been put forward for inclusion.

What are the current Olympic dance events?

Dance is not currently an Olympic event.

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