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Geared Up For Success: Dance


Many dance studios have a dress code for class, so to make sure your superstar is suited up correctly, communicate with your new studio where you find the best apparel. There is a great chance your dance studio will have its own pro-shop or online retailer they recommend.


A tight-fitting, one-piece garment made of a stretchy, lycra type of material. Most commonly worn by girls or women for ballet, and always a mandatory uniform in dance studios per a studios dress code.

Dress Codes

Dress codes are essential in many dance studios and can change the attitude and performance of dancers. Having a dress code ensures that all dancers will have adequate mobility during class or rehearsal. Improper clothing can impact technique, precision, ability to grip the floor, and visibility.


Worn for both competitions and recitals. The entire group will wear the same costume, going with the ‘theme’ of the dance and music. Each dance performed typically requires a different costume.


Special shoes are worn for each dance discipline. These shoes have been designed to complement the movement needed for each dance. Dance shoes should not be worn outside, as dirt and grease cause damage to a studio floor making it unsafe to dancers.

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