What is SRM?

Sport Relationship Management (SRM) is a technology for connecting and managing relationships between people and organizations through all levels of sport.

Basketball team with coach

Who is SRM for and what does it do?

An SRM system helps governing bodies, leagues, clubs, and teams connect with members, families, and fans to share data, streamline reporting and approvals, and manage programs with intuitive software.

SRM Sports Organization Relationships Diagram
SRM Relationships in Sports Diagram

Relationships in sports

There are more relationships in sports than you might think. Athletes, coaches, guardians, and families are connected to clubs and teams, teams are connected to leagues, leagues are connected to governing bodies, and they’re all intrinsically tied back to one another as part of one athlete-centered sport ecosystem. 

They rely on one another for the exchange of information and data to make sports happen—SRM is the system that enables and fosters these relationships.