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SportsEngine Expands Technology Partnership With Sporting Kansas City

January 10, 2019 | 1 minute, 45 seconds read

SportsEngine Inc., an NBC Sports Group company and the leading youth sports technology provider, announced that it has entered a multi-year partnership with the Sporting Club Network (SCN), an affiliation program between athletic organizations and Sporting Club, the parent company of Sporting Kansas City (SKC) and Swope Park Rangers.

SportsEngine was originally selected by Sporting KC in 2016 to help provide branded website and registration services to the clubs and organizations within the SCN. As part of this renewed partnership, SportsEngine will expand the digital network across all Academy Affiliates of Sporting Kansas City, along with the youth clubs throughout Kansas City and Missouri that are part of the SCN.

The renewal of this partnership continues to build upon the foundation of the SCN Digital Network through a specially branded and subsidized website and registration offering to the clubs, which helps provide consistency across branding, digital content sharing and data capture. The agreement also aims to create and enhance further benefits that extend to the youth affiliates and member organizations.

“SportsEngine has brought significant value to SCN and Sporting KC for the past three years,” said Dan Popik, Vice President of Youth Soccer, Sporting Kansas City. “They have revolutionized the way we run the youth side of our organization and have made the lives of all athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, and admins much easier. We are excited to continue to grow the sport of soccer alongside a partner who has the same goal.”

More than 1 million teams, leagues and clubs use SportsEngine to run their website, tournaments, leagues, online registration and mobile apps. Through these applications, sports teams, clubs and leagues are able to drastically reduce the time they spend on administration and communication, allowing them to focus more time on developing their athletes.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Sporting KC and provide best-in-class technology to their growing grassroots network of clubs” said John Weinerth, Soccer Vice President, SportsEngine. “It’s even more exciting that they’ve renewed the partnership because we know that each side has provided value to the other and are working towards the same goals”.