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SportsEngine Enhances Mobile App With All-New Activity Feed

December 11, 2018 | 2 minutes, 8 seconds read

SportsEngine Inc., an NBC Sports Group company and the leading youth sports technology provider, is launching an all-new ‘activity feed’ feature into its flagship SportsEngine mobile app. This new feature will give parents, coaches, and athletes an interactive way to engage with the teams and organizations with which they are associated. The activity feed is available in the iOS app store and will be available on Android devices by the end of 2018.

Within the activity feed, organizations gain the ability to quickly and easily connect with their members by sharing content, news, and photos directly into the mobile app, similar to a news feed on a social media platform. The app is available and free to use for all coaches and families who are registered on the SportsEngine platform.

The release of the activity feed compliments a robust list of team management features available in the SportsEngine app. Team chat allows team members and coaches to quickly communicate with one another. Multiple guardians can be added to an athlete’s profile, which allows them to chat, RSVP, and interact with the team. Events and games are combined on one calendar, making it easier for families with multiple athletes to view their entire schedule in one place. With RSVP reminders sent to families, coaches and teams will always know who will be in attendance at games and practices.

The SportsEngine mobile app helps organizations, teams and families save money. It is included with a basic subscription to SportsEngine, and the average club or league can save thousands of dollars annually by using SportsEngine instead of another third party application for their team management tools. Additionally, the app is free to use for coaches and families of organizations who are already on the SportsEngine platform.

Bobbi Kotzian, team administrator, Elk River Youth Hockey, welcomes the app’s additional features, stating, “I really like the (SportsEngine) mobile app. I don’t think a lot of our parents even get that it can do everything that other apps that they are paying extra for can do.”

“Before the app, our coaches and managers would try to send schedule updates or game day changes through huge text message chains that just weren’t user-friendly,” said Krysti Kidder of Big Rapids Area Junior Hockey. “But now they can send messages right through the app, and since everyone is using it, they know their messages are getting through.”

To learn more about the SportsEngine mobile app and find out how your organization can begin using it, visit