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SportsEngine Launches New Registration System For Ontario Soccer

January 31, 2019 | 1 minute, 53 seconds read

SportsEngine Inc., an NBC Sports Group company and the leading youth sports technology provider, announces that it has launched a new registration management system for Ontario Soccer to provide added benefits to their long term partnership.

The launch of their new registration system, Ontario Soccer Club and Academy Registry (OSCAR), will help districts, clubs, and academies within Ontario Soccer streamline the process of submitting registration data for approval and allow real-time access to the critical data organizations need to run their operations efficiently and effectively.

“This is a big step for our soccer membership and infrastructure in Ontario. By bringing together the registration data of participants across the province, whether community club or private academy, we have, for the first time, real-time data reporting to a centralized location,” said Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer of Ontario Soccer. “The challenge for Ontario previously had been that Clubs and Academies were utilizing a number of different technology solutions to run their organizations. OSCAR now allows Ontario Soccer and its Districts to connect with its members directly in an ever-changing sport environment.”

Ontario Soccer members will experience a brand new system that will transform the way they interact with Ontario Soccer. OSCAR will help clubs and academies not only get their players registered for the season but will also allow them to send that data up to their district for approval and get real-time access to reporting, which improves an outdated paper submission process.

“Over our long-term partnership with Ontario Soccer we realized that the organization’s registration system wouldn’t work with a one-size fits all approach,” said Lee Zukor, SVP of Product and Engineering, SportsEngine. “Working hand-in-hand with Ontario Soccer and their districts, we were able to create a leading-edge management system that sets both parties up for ongoing success. We’re excited to continue innovating together.”

More than 1 million teams, leagues and clubs use SportsEngine to run their websites, tournaments, leagues, online registration and mobile apps. Through these applications, sports teams, clubs and leagues are able to drastically reduce the time they spend on administration and communication, allowing them to focus more time on developing their athletes. Ontario Soccer Association joins the SportsEngine enterprise roster of clients which includes other professional league partners and national governing bodies.