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SportsEngine and Ontario Soccer Extend Official Technology Partnership

October 08, 2020 | 1 minute, 36 seconds read

SportsEngine, Inc., an NBC Sports Group company, and the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management software, announced today that it has extended its partnership with Ontario Soccer as the official technology provider. 

Ontario Soccer is one of the oldest and largest sport organizations in Canada, providing leadership and support for the advancement of soccer through its membership of more than 600 Youth and Senior Clubs and Academies across Ontario.

In January 2019, SportsEngine completed the development of Ontario Soccer’s new registration system, Ontario Soccer Club and Academy Registry (OSCAR), to help Districts, Clubs, and Academies within Ontario Soccer streamline the process of data submission, approvals and allow real-time access to the critical data organizations need to run their operations efficiently and effectively.

Over the past two years, OSCAR has helped transform the way Clubs and Academies submit data and interact with Ontario Soccer and the Districts. As a result, the two organizations have extended their partnership in an effort to continue serving Ontario Soccer’s growing membership. The two-year partnership extension provides additional benefits and cost savings to the existing two-hundred Ontario Soccer Clubs that use the SportsEngine Registration solutions along with any new Clubs that decide to join in the year ahead. 

"We are pleased to be able to continue our technology partnership with Ontario Soccer," said John Weinerth, VP of Soccer, SportsEngine. "Working hand-in-hand with Ontario Soccer, we’ve continued to innovate and provide functionality that serves their members.  We are also excited to provide additional benefits and cost savings to the Clubs and Academies during such a critical time."

More than 1 million teams, leagues and clubs use SportsEngine to run their websites, tournaments, leagues, online registration and mobile apps. Through these applications, sports teams, clubs and leagues are able to drastically reduce the time they spend on administration and communication, allowing them to focus more time on developing their athletes and furthering the love of sport.

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