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SportsEngine, Inc. Sponsors National Youth Sports Day at U.S. Capitol

July 15, 2019 | 2 minutes, 29 seconds read

SportsEngine Inc., an NBC Sports Group company and the leading provider of sport relationship management software, announced its sponsorship of National Youth Sports Day on Tuesday, July 16 on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

National Youth Sports Day is designed to shine a light on the lifelong benefits of youth sports in building the future of our country. SportsEngine, in partnership with National Council of Youth Sports, will advocate and inform lawmakers of the importance of keeping youth sports safe, available to all and a priority in the health and development of today’s youth.  

Four-time Olympic medalist and NBC Sports Track and Field Analyst, Ato Boldon, will attend to represent SportsEngine and serve as a spokesperson for this event. In addition to his role as a track and field analyst for NBC Sports, Boldon is a youth track coach, and serves as the sprinting coach for 17-year old Briana Williams, who has the fastest 100m time in the world for 2019 and 2018 for age U18. 

National Youth Sports Day will begin with a Congressional Briefing between the Congressional Youth Sports Caucus, and youth sports stakeholders to discuss the importance of keeping funding, supporting physical fitness, and specifically, making youth sports programs a priority. Boldon will address the overall health benefits of youth sports in children’s development and explain how safe and quality sports experiences can open doors to future opportunities. 

Following the Congressional Briefing, a Youth Sports Expo will be held at the Capitol featuring activities and information displays hosted by youth-serving organizations. The family-friendly event is free and open to the public. 

“Our top priorities at SportsEngine are to get more kids involved in sports, make sure they are safe and make the lives of coaches and team administrators easier through our technology solutions,” stated Justin Kaufenberg, CEO, SportsEngine, Inc. “Our participation in National Youth Sports Day demonstrates our commitment to be part of the important conversations and decisions being made affecting the state of youth sports today. We are honored to be part of it.” 

Schedule of Events 

Congressional Briefing

8:30–10am | House of Representatives Rayburn Office Building, Room 2020, 45 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20515

Congressional Youth Sports Expo 

11am–1pm, Lobby, Rayburn Office Building

“Youth sports can contribute to long term health, build confidence and provide lasting, positive lessons for today’s youth,” stated Ato Boldon. “It’s important to continue to bring awareness to the role that sports can play for our children and to help ensure youth sports are safe, quality experiences and available to all communities across America.”

“Besides the physical benefits youth sports provides, young people reap a host of other perks,” stated Wayne B. Moss, Executive Director, National Council of Youth Sports.  “The research indicates young people involved in sport have improved academic achievement, learn teamwork and problem-solving skills, have better self-esteem and reduced risky behavior. Youth Sports Day is to acknowledge and celebrate the importance and benefits of youth sports.”