Dance Studio Management Software

Break free from the old routine

We offer the best dance studio management software available, featuring the only all-in-one technology platform for class-based sports, helping dance studios everywhere ditch the piles of paperwork and eliminate frustrating spreadsheets with smart software solutions.

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What we provide

Step to your own beat

Our products give dance studios all the power and flexibility they need to grow and manage their business from a single technology platform. We help dance studios put their best foot forward with a stunning website, clear and concise class schedules, easy-to-use online registration, robust financial reporting tools, event management software, and much more.

Product Capabilities


  • Online registration
  • Websites
  • Invoicing
  • Class schedules
  • Mobile apps
  • Events
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Background checks
  • Online apparel stores

SportsEngine has been the answer to my prayers. It’s so much easier to have everything, literally, in one place. Parents can sign up, I can bill them, I can collect payments, I can send messages.

Haley Kent