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AI9 Baseball​ provides continuity, professional level training and coaching, and leadership to the community. 

We will develop players to have the necessary baseball tools and life skills to be successful in high school and beyond, while keeping baseball families and players together in the community for a positive baseball experience and for lifelong relationships and memories.

Our players will train and play baseball year round with our professional coaches who have all played the game at a high level and are committed to executing our systemic training system. Our system is designed to develop more players with care and precision by allowing our staff to work as a unit toward one goal while spotlighting coaches in their areas of expertise so our players get well rounded baseball and personal development and high level focus on areas of interest and deeper skill.

Our belief is that baseball is a great game that all should be able to indulge and enjoy. This is why we focus on ensuring that those who wish to play longer and at a higher level are provided with those resources and opportunities necessary to allow them to do so while experiencing all the life lessons, memories, and friendships along the way.

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