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Positively Chart Your Players' Success

Coaches tend to focus on what players should do better, instead of positively reinforcing what they are already doing right. Both types of feedback are necessary for player skill development. Once players master a skill, or show great efforts toward mastery, they need positive reinforcement from the coaching staff to continue and maintain their effort and capacity for improving even more.

This also helps prepare them for necessary constructive criticism. When players have adequate positive reinforcement, they will be more emotionally open to coaches pointing out a flaw. At Positive Coaching Alliance, we call this Filling Emotional Tanks. A player with a full tank can handle setbacks and adjustments, whereas a player with an empty tank might feel frustrated and not be as adaptable to a coach's feedback.

Positive Charting makes it much easier to track what players are doing right, so you can provide positive feedback. It also can elevate the coaches mood to note all the progress players are making, which can lead to a more productive, upbeat practice session or post-game discussion. This is also a great task to assign an assistant coach. Use this resource to help guide your feedback to players and reinforcing good play whenever possible.

Download the worksheet below, and watch this video to see a coach putting Positive Charting into action.