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Sports Can Battle Racism: Courageous Conversations

Conversations about race are difficult. In sports, these conversations are more important now than ever before. We know sports is a place where people from all backgrounds come together. It is for this reason we want to make sure we equip you with resources to help you engage and have dialogue with the youth you mentor.

1. Do you listen to understand?

Active listening is the first step in DEI competency. How often do you interact with, listen to, or have open conversations with people from different backgrounds identities, or cultural experiences?

2. Are you educating yourself?

How are you continuing to learn about the experiences of underrepresented groups, both now and throughout our history?

3. How do you make sure every individual knows and feels like they belong on the team?

Do you see and embrace all of the unique differences your athletes bring to the group?

4. Do you acknowledge your biases?

What are your preconceived thoughts and beliefs about others based on experiences, or lack of experiences, that need to be challenged in order to grow?

5. Are you a bystander or an upstander?

Do you stand idly by when you see something not right, or are you practicing moral courage in support of all the kids you serve?