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Coaches Corner: Top Ten Tips for Young Coaches

Coaches Corner: Kyle Henry

My Top Ten Tips for Young Coaches

  1. You don’t know everything.

  2. Attend coaching clinics.

  3. It’s not all X’s and O’s.

  4. You may have the perfect play but do you have the athletes to perform it?

  5. Never stop educating yourself. The game changes on a daily basis, follow the changes.

  6. Learn from those who have become successful.

  7. Be a mentor and be personable. You were once a player before, remember who influenced you as a player and use that template to guide your athletes.

  8. Network, network, network!

  9. Athletes are students first so remember that academics are VERY important.

  10. Never give up on a job search and don’t be afraid to show your employer what you have to offer.

Written by Milwaukee Career & Tech. Ed. football coach Kyle Henry, who is in his first year as the head coach for the program.

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