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TeamUnify’s Virtual Engagement Guide

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Virtual Engagement Guide

During this unprecedented time, situations for clubs are changing daily, if not hourly. We recognize that it can be very difficult to make decisions that are best for your club when no one knows exactly what is going to happen next. Since this has come to fruition, we have formally laid out a TeamUnify resource guide to help you with common actions that clubs are taking right now.

We’ve also chatted with several customers, just like you, to gather best practices, intel, and new ideas to implement during this time to ensure your club is running as smoothly as possible. Through doing this, we have collectively learned a lot about the determination, perseverance, and ability for so many of you to adapt quickly to an ever changing situation. Keep it up!


The most common theme throughout all conversations with our customers is transitioning into a virtual club. While there are an endless number of ways for clubs to achieve this here are some of our favorites that we’d recommend.

Zoom meetings - Chat with everybody within your club all at once!

Facebook Live - Run a virtual workout program for your athletes

Instagram Live - Run a virtual workout program for your athletes

Youtube channels - Setup a full video curriculum for athletes


TeamUnify also has several built in tools that will allow you to stay fully connected to your members in fun and engaging ways. 


Video sharing - Use our video producer to upload specific clips to the OnDeck app

Workout sharing - Share out specific workout videos for everyone or specific athletes

Social sharing - Use this for everything from swimming-related stuff to other fun photos

Don’t have SwimOffice Pro that includes the above capabilities? Simply fill out this form, or reach out to your account manager. We can get you set-up in no time. 


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