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Upgrade Your Club’s Website Design, Flexibility and User Experience

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We are pleased to announce that we have launched an all-new CMS (content management system) for our customers to upgrade to. It improves the TeamUnify website design, business tools and user experience for all administrators, coaches and families associated with your swim club.

This upgraded CMS features mobile-friendly design, a more flexible website editing interface, unique website templates, enhanced search engine optimization capabilities and dramatically improved business tools to help bring your swim club to the next level.

Below is more information about each of the features included in the upgrade.


This will enable all members of your organization to interact with you in a seamless way from any device, versus solely from a desktop device. That is to say, the sizes of all pictures and text blocks will adjust depending on the device being used. No more manually zooming in and out.

Advanced Website Editing

A lot of times swim clubs are confined to minimal options for layouts and colors. With the upgraded CMS, you can quickly and easily make edits right on your website in real-time with flexible and customizable elements, including color variation, graphics, layouts and more.

Search Engine Optimization

In an effort to garner more registrants, a lot more clubs are trying to improve their SEO capabilities to be as close to the top of Google searches as possible. Our new CMS includes faster site speed and page loading, enhanced page hierarchy design, and improved control over metadata to help you increase your club’s SEO ranking.

Enhanced Business Tools

The components of TeamUnify club websites have been updated to provide you with more variety in placement and customization, including the homepage image carousel, website menu management, new command buttons, full-screen team calendar, news creation, TeamFeed and more.

Updated Website Templates

Our newly designed template options all have a modern, sleek look that will enhance the appearance of your swim club and provide enough options for you to select a design that fits your club’s brand and mission.

Start the upgrade process today with your account manager 


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