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TU Testimonial: Video and Test Sets Are Helping Kids Find That Next Gear

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I love using the SwimOffice Pro coaching tools for a number of reasons. First off, recently we used the video capabilities to record and post every single race from our championship meets. I was able to record the races in prelims, jump on the wifi in my hotel room and have the videos posted for our athletes to watch before they came back for finals. I think it is such a great tool to be able to keep those videos on their profile forever so they can go back and view the races anytime.


The other area that has really taken off for us is the test set feature. When our kids realize we are recording their results, they find that missing gear and are really getting after it. Our top athletes that already push full speed love the feedback and the ability to compare with previous attempts at the sets. 

Our main progression this season is to go 10x100 Freestyle holding the best average overall 10. We are doing the set every other week, with the interval dropping five seconds each time to go from an interval of 1:45 the first round to finishing on an interval of 1:30 in 8 weeks. Their goal is to hold the same average or faster over the course of the season as the interval gets shorter. Being able to simply open up the SwimOffice Pro coaching tools and find the results from the previous round is great in helping them understand their progress and set their goal for the next round.


I have quickly gotten into a groove with writing workouts and can crank out the workouts for the week as fast, or faster than I used to write them with other programs. I also love the ability to post the workouts to the app for my assistant coaches to access. This has made sharing the plan for the day or week much easier. I had to miss practice last week and I did not have to worry about emailing out the workout or sharing what I wanted the focus of the practice to be. I was able to simply have my assistants open the app and they took it from there.

I am very pleased with SwimOffice Pro and I am excited for the further enhancements to come. 

-Rob Bond
Senior Head Coach
Glenbrook Aquatics



Glenbrook Aquatics is a year-round aquatics program run by Glenbrook High School District 225. They offer competitive swimming, diving, water polo, and swim lessons. Mission Statement: "We will strive to build and stabilize an exceptional community-based aquatics program that provides a consistent, enjoyable, and positive environment, where individuals are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential through commitment!"

Glenbrook Aquatics has been a part of the TeamUnify team since 2009 and has over 300 active team members. Since the team adopted MainSet they have written 249 workouts, recorded 429 videos, and tagged 210 of them to specific swimmer profiles. As a team, they have created a total of 927,763 yards!



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