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TU Testimonial: I'm so Impressed with TeamUnify

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"I am so impressed with TeamUnify!

Recently, we’ve needed their assistance to help us set up our new registration for the year, billing help and some questions we’ve had with OnDeck.

Every representative we’ve spoken to has been most helpful in explaining what we need to do, incredibly patient (as we are rookies when it comes to TeamUnify) and very professional. They give us the time we need to get it done and get it done correctly!

Any time I’ve submitted a question in writing via their website, they respond in a timely manner.

If any swim team wants to make their registrations, billing, and meet sign-ups easier, TeamUnify is the way to go!"


-Jill Stewart 



Tidewater Aquatic Club (TAC) was founded in March 1994, as a parent-run, year-round swim team. It dedicates itself to the personal development of each team member towards their personal goals, woven into a vibrant set of shared team goals. Dedicated to providing a fun, well-disciplined environment of excellence for Virginia swimmers.





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